Hi guys and girls, Sorry about the delay in sorting out the T-shirts, I have been overly busy with work and festivals to get anything done.

I am going to look into the suppliers to sort out the costs of printing. I should have a few quotes by the end of the week. Initially I was wondering about the sort of numbers we should get printed up.

It would be great if someone could bring this up for discussion at the meeting tonight and if you could send this post on to anyone who might not normally check the site but may be interested in a t-shirt. To refresh your memories here is the design below.

Please reply to express an interest so I can get an idea of how many to get done!

Cheers Leo

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Put me down for one please large.  Be nice if we could sort it out for the Lundy trip.  

No pressure boys

I'm sure we can get them done for then if people get their orders in soon.
Hi Leo, is all your raving on works time done now? Put me down for a T-Shirt pal. Medium

Your never a medium (-:

Yeah Mark, back on the scene now. Still got a festival in Sept though! Put you down for one, will text you later about climbing this weekend!

Me too ,Leo.I'm 41/43" so that's either XL or XXL.Think the other 3 need a tailor !

Nice one Jord and Brian

Leo ,

based on the fact that I am 41/43 ,when you order ,would you sort the size that fits .Depending on the manufacturer that could  be anything from L to XXL.I have complete confidence in your judgement.Looks as though my season that hasn't begun is over for this year with a persistent shoulder injury.Hope to catch up with folks in september .bri

No worries Brian, I'll do my best!

I would be interested as well! Is anyone climbing tomorrow night? I am free if so. Al

What size are you Alan? Were all climbing at troy quarry tomorrow, near Bury. Should be a few there. Get yourself down.

Probably a medium mate I should imagine. Yup out tonight. Be there around 7 ish I reckon.



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