As Graham as mentioned the last few Wednesday meeting have been poorly attended, to the extent that we have had as little as 6 members turning up. As a consequence we have not been holding a proper meeting and important things like future hut meets have not been sorted.

We need to either get the Wednesday night meets back to how they were or re think the hole thing, I for one don't want to carry on as it is with the meetings.

At the moment the club is expending nicely with some really nice people joining us, if perspective new member's come down to the meeting it does not give a good impression.

Perhaps a meeting to discuss how the club is going to move forward in this digital era is over due,

If it is decided that we don't have a by monthly meeting then we need to look at how the club is run, and funded. Any feed back would be appreciated. D

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Hi guys, been out of touch for a while, (sorry) over a year in fact!!!!
Would love to start getting involved, attending some events, rock climbing in particular.
Just wondering when is the next Wednesday meet, that is if you are still going ahead after reading the above post.

Hi Barrie Our next Wednesday night meet is in Two weeks on the 23th Oct, hopefully I will shake things up a bit and things will improve.  That said the Wednesday night wall sessions have been very well attended, next on is on the 16th

you will be welcome to join us.  Regards Derek

Thanks for the prompt reply Derek.
Will certainy make the meeting on the 23rd but not sure if I can make the 16th.
Which wall, is it the Manchester climbing centre one?

I should be able to make the next meeting as I won't be working wednesday nights anymore. Speaking of which it's about time I became a member now I've got the chance to and I've been out on enough trips to know I want join.

You will be more than welcome to join in the new year, it is expected that ALL active members join.  

Regards to meetings I'm hoping that we can have a few things planned for the winter.

Always nice to see you.





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