Not much of a discussion but I couldn't see a better way of getting a essage to everyone. I am about to send off our first instalment of subs to the BMC later this week. At the moment I have subs from about 35 members but I am a little concerned that the list does not include some people who I know to be active. You may already be memebers of the BMC or you may already have insurance but it's better for all of us if everyone has cover given the extent to which our activities necessarily involve sharing risks - and the ever present possibility of the unexpected!


I'll be happy to accept payments (£20) on Wdnesday, at Kingussie at weekend or through the post - if you have some other means in mind please let me kno via this site.


No wish to nag - but I think its in our collective interests.



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Mike I've got 3 lots of subs here as I mentioned.

Please can you make Mikes job that little bit easier, and get your cheques in to him.

I'm not talking about the new flok who have just come down in the last few weeks, it everyone else. 


Regards Derek

Yep Derek I have included your three and will collect the cash next time we meet.I'll also check a few names and addresses that I appear to have lost through carelessness.



Can I just add my voice to this. 

The club has become more and more active over the last couple of years especially with the increasing use of the website. This is a fantastic resource which in my view is worth the £20 a year alone, however the majority of the money goes to the BMC and ensuring we have access in the future to the  places we all take for granted. 

It really shouldn't be down to mike to have to badger people for subs, which his a fundamental cost of belonging to any club.


Its the cost of one DVD, which by the way we will be seeing an award wining example of on Wednesday ...for free. 







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