Many of you will say that I am old enough to know better. That may well be the case but I can't help myself. The fact of the matter is that during these summer evenings and some weekends I've been off Fell Racing. I've notched up quite a few this year and while I only just hover outside the bottom 10% it is a nice evening/day out. Whats more there is often very good cake at the end. I know some of you have raced in the past but won't admit it. I know who you are, I have seen the Walshes in the back of your cars. Maybe some of the newer members want to give it a go. By it's very nature there is often a crag close by so you can combine the two at the weekend. If you fancy it get in touch. There is a "Specialist" website that lists all the races;

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I'm also guilty of dabbling in the black art of fell-running though, I hasten add, on a purely recreational basis. I'd be up for racing sometime - maybe we can even get a MOB team together for one of the longer team events (isn't there a pennine bridleway relay each year?). Aside from racing, I think it would also make a really nice addition to the activities we do as a club if we had some purely social fell runs from time to time - just like the walks but a bit faster (perfect for those of us who struggle to find time to fit everything in and/or persuade our better halves to let us out at the weekends!). We can always combine it with some navigating to get some map and compass work in too (I know I need the practice!).
Nice to hear you talking about fell running, over the years the club has done quite a bit of running and over many years we did have a club fell race once a year. We usedd to start in Edenfield and go via Wars Well and Knowl hill finishing off at the Old Bewts pub,  It used to be very well attended. Not that I run any more but it would be a good addition to the calander.  Regards Derek

I did the Waughs Well Fell Race last night which promted me to post. There is one tomorrow (Thursday Evening) from Hawkshaw but I can't make that.

I'll organise a club event late August/early September up on Scout Moor as suggested. Time for people to dust down the Walshes from the  back of the cupboard. As Derek isn't running I was hoping he could be Director of Aerial Photography for the event if the conditions are good.

I'd be interested in this too and be keen to go along with others.  I do a winter hill run early most sat/sun mornings with only the dog for company - the conversation's a bit limited!


Would be keen to do the odd 'fast' long mountain day with a mixture of walking and running.



I'm off tomorrow evening (Wednesday 20th) to do Shining Tor fell race between Macc and Buxton.

Details ;


I'm off to Reg's this weekend. While there I might (childcare permitting) do the Moel Fammau (Jubilee Tower) fell race near Mold on the Monday. Details;

Hi Nigel,


Keep intending to get fit enough to join you at one of these races - got out in the Lakes for fun a few times in August (too wet to climb!), but found it hard work. I was thinking about Derek's suggestion of reinstating the annual club fell run - would you be up for helping to organise it (i.e. plan a route, date, etc.) ? I'll be at the meeting next week; if you are around we can chat about it then.


cheers, Graham

The sound of an annual run does sound interesting. Count me in!
I and more than happy to organise a fell race. It will need to be a weekend now as the light has faded for the evening. I was thinking a short and a long option from Owd Betts on a saturday or sunday lunchtime.



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