It is only right that I, Mr G. Walker, publically and openly apologise to Mr D. Kenyon, our esteemed and venerable club mascot and senior organiser.

It seems, somehow and unbelievably, the cinema tickets, about which there was much consternation and near altercation, on Saturday 23rd day of November 2013 at the place of the of the Royal Theatre, Ramsbottom, have mysteriously appeared in the residence of Mr G Walker. 

Mr G Walker, accepts that, de facto, the tickets were actually, although unknowably, in his possession and that somehow Mr D. Kenyon must have transferred them thus.  On this basis, Mr G Walker wishes to , indeed must, apologise for any hurt, upset, worry, fear and/or anxiety, that was experienced by any members of the group of good men and women in attendance at the event, and as a direct result of the difficult negotiations and hot-headedness that ensued - and, of course, in no lesser measure, to the person of Mr D. Kenyon, himself, bless him.

It is rather unbelievable, given previous losses and disappearances, that the aforementioned tickets did turn up in Mr Walker's possession - most things seem to disappear without trace (ski passes, money, wallets etc).  However, turn up they did and honesty must prevail. 

It was never the intention to sully the reputation of such a stalwart, steadfast and resolute man, and friend.  His persistence and application knows no bounds.  Events are organised, climbs are climbed, skies are flown, guitars are strummed and songs are..., well, anyway.  And, of course, I cannot ignore the succour and emotional support he gives my very own spouse -  at every opportunity.  I am unpardonable. 

Clearly too, the Beanie was undeserved and will be donated to charity forthwith, if I can find it....

Great night , Deke!  

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I except you apology, you can't help it if you memory is going (-: tI was a great night as you say, good to get everyone together, just shows the clubs going strong at the moment. Hopefully we can have another gathering over the winter, any suggestions welcome. 



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