Ayup everyone. No I'm not dead. Hope you are all well, and doing what comes vertical. Being climbers and having your ears to the ground, you may already be aware of this, but I thought I'll stick on here for good measure. I received a letter from Go Outdoors the other day. Wild Country are recalling certain batches of their classic rocks and/or anodised rocks. The batch code can be found on the bit of plastic just below the loop. The batches affected are: AG AH BII JBE. If you are in any doubt take a photo of the rock, and email it to recall@wildcountry.com. I did this and received a reply very quickly telling me to stop using the rock immediately. Apparently they have failed drop tests well below their grade. Also my letter told me that if you have to post the rock back to them as compo for postal charges they will give you a bright shiny new quick draw for free. Happy hunting. Hope to see you all soon.   

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I checked my new nuts,I won at the Wilton Fest, they are OK, but would have been a real bummer if faulty. Tim

I had literally come on to post this. I have checked my nuts too and needed to send one back to Wild Country.

my gear is all so old it doesn't have batch numbers... in fact some if it so well used it's hard to tell what brand or item it actually was to begin with!   Anyone want to go climbing... on my gear? Very exciting!



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