Does anybody know when the next meeting is at the White Lion?  I've lost track and I have a new member to reply to.  Cheers. Jill

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Should be wed 16th if we are still going with the fortnightly meets? Unless somebody has anything planned for this wednesday. On the w/c 14th a few members are off to majorca.

Thanks Lisa

I thought it should have been tonight - cycling last week etc. - but I am not sure I will make it and judging by the responses to Jill...

Not sure now...derek organised a new members meet 3weeks ago, 2weeks ago Ian showed some photos in pub so we got two pub meets in a row there. Summer is nearly here, I think we should make the official meets the first wednesday of every month. But it should be put up on the website for the whole year?

Hello to all

I agree with Lisa, the website is a bit confusing. The opening page writes, 'meet on alternative Wednesday's', but their is no indication to which Wednesday they are. It should be clear and any events should be regular with dates and open to all. It is not very good for any new members, either for those just starting or a complete newbie. What if a potential new member showed up on a Wednesday night and nobody was there? It would not bode well for the club.




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