Hi guys and girls, Sorry about the delay in sorting out the T-shirts, I have been overly busy with work and festivals to get anything done.

I am going to look into the suppliers to sort out the costs of printing. I should have a few quotes by the end of the week. Initially I was wondering about the sort of numbers we should get printed up.

It would be great if someone could bring this up for discussion at the meeting tonight and if you could send this post on to anyone who might not normally check the site but may be interested in a t-shirt. To refresh your memories here is the design below.

Please reply to express an interest so I can get an idea of how many to get done!

Cheers Leo

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Won't be a Troy tonight, I'm otherwise engaged.  Oh the joys of decorating...  Put me down for an XL please Leo.  Any choice of shirt colour; red with my hair!?!?



Hey Col, prob be easiest if we all go for same colour just in terms of purchasing t - shirts. They can be printed on any colour so I suppose we could all purchase our own blank t-shirts for printing. I just imagine the logisticsof that will mean that it would take ages to diet out. Is everyone happy with red?

If there's only red available to get the deal, and everyone's happy with that then fair enough.  Though I will say green would've been my choice.  Me and that spanner again! ;-)  If it's possible to provide one that they'll print let me know please matey.

Shame you won't be able to make Dow.  Some excellent mountain routes on there....

I'll have a look and see if we can sort out a green one for you.

Cheers Leo ;-)

Count me in please, Leo. Medium for me, ta. G

There is a company called carrera 2000 in bury who I get all my work clothes off the shirts they do are of quite good quality (last me lon enough as a builder!!) and are by far the cheapest around for what I have done if you ring them speak to joe and tell him that Jon melgan sent you and he will look after you!! Once the screens are made you can order them in ones and twos so no need to bulk purchase!! And you can pick any t-shirt colour in any size and any colour screen print eg red and black t-shirts would normally have white print bu I'd you wanna be sick boy and have yellow so be it!!

Hope im in time been away but if so please put me down for a large.



don't worry your in time. still taking orders and got a couple of minor tweaks like addidng the bmc affiliated logo. will get them done when I get back from Lundy

Hey Leo,

Could you put me down for a Large please mate?


go on leo , stick me down for two mediums if your still taking orders 

cheers pal




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