Hi all,


I hope all my fellow MOB members are happy and well - although, other than for paying my yearly subs, I struggle to class myself as a MOB member nowadays since I have seen so little club action this summer! The joys of babies and being a tax dodger (student)! Ha. The lack of attendance must have paid off though -  I achieved 71% overall for year 2 so on for 1st class honours (assuming I sacrifice climbing for 1 more year! Hmm...)!


Anyhow... What's going on MOB... I've noticed that there is no programme of events on this site! Why so few events? Err, things are okay as they are mate. Join and see! Besides, the events link at the top of this page, with events spanning until at least September 2012, is a 'programme of events' isn't it? Just a very informal one; and pleasantly so.


In reply to the 'NON MEMBER' who is complaining about how things are currently run...


When I joined the MOB I was initially given Will Shaw and Mark Russell' mobile numbers to arrange getting out, prior to a MOB meeting at The Waterloo Pub. I phoned on a Friday morning and introduced myself to the always pleasant Will Shaw. After a short discussion I was invited to join the group at Stanage the following morning. I found this a VERY HELPFUL means of me getting out climbing and meeting friendly like-minded people. In my opinion, this method of not wiping peoples arses and promoting a member to be proactive, both in organising events and attending events, is GREAT PRACTICE. Soon after this memorable great day out I had a phone book full of numbers, unrestricted access to all events (pre-arranged and adhoc ones), and a wealth of new friends to enjoy the great outdoors with.


Anyone in doubt of the quality of this club and how it is run take a little time to browse other well respected clubs. The formality of how some other clubs are run is depressing.


Granted, a little formality is a good thing - the pre-arranged and well structured MOB meets each week for example. However, spontaneity is the spice of life and arranging events in the MOB is an informal and spontaneous affair - the way events are arranged and discussed openly amongst all members taking the time to attend club meets for example.


In a world full of constraints I feel the MOB offers a well needed escape from all the BS of life. Well done to the founding members, and all current members for keeping the spirit of spontaneity alive, and leaving all the BS and politics at the 'front door'.


Anyway, it's now time for tea and I am all ranted out. Hope to see you all soon - whether it be on rock or at the next meet.


Oh yeah, almost forgot... as of this morning I am officially a trainee member of the Rossendale & Pendle Mountain Rescue Team! Hopefully my training will come in useful if I ever go up Tower Ridge with Jordan and Will - 14 hour route, including frostbite and grade 2 climbing minus crampons and axes! Ha


Lots of love (Ha ha),



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In light of this evenings meet I feel I need to eat some of my words!

I apologise to Alan Hulbert for concluding that he was not a member of the MOB; I assumed you was not a member following a comment you made in your email "Every so often I wonder about joining the club...". This was the wrong conclusion, since you have infact been a member probably longer than I have been out of high school! I didn't mean to be disrespectful, I was just expressing my opinion to balance the argument for any prospective members who may have read your negative email regarding our club.

Maybe things will change, maybe they won't. Things seem okay as they are, but I suppose all members have their own opinion.

Thanks matey for your support of what I think is the best little club in the world. May I say one thing though, bringing up a very young family, studying a degree, and becoming a memeber of a mountain rescue team! WHAT A MAN! Hats off mate. Hope to see you soon.



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