Morning all! First introduction to climbing in the Lakes yesterday and I absolutely loved it. Which means i'd very much like to go back for more! Considering its quite a distance away and the number of climbs there, I wanted to test the waters to see who'd be up for maybe going for 2/3 days to session it. Camping, beer and hopefully some climbs =D. I was thinking some time in June. 

Any thoughts about timings, location etc fire away would be great to see what you all think =)



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im up for that !


when you thinking ?

I have annual leave booked from 12-16th June. So i'd be up for going from between 13-15th. I work shifts and only get my rota 4 weeks in advance so there's a possibility of the weekend being flexible but currently i know i have that weekend off for sure =). How does that suit everyone?

Where are you thinking of going to?

13 to the 15th is good for me

We'll I went to raven crag and there was still some routes I wanted to do there. So was thinking that. Wide range for everyone. But there's going to be a fair bit in a short distance so there's going to be options. :).!welcome to suggestions of location! :)

Borrowdale is my suggestion, excellent climbing, valley of the crags, easy walk-ins, loads of campsites that don't rip you off, and a good pub.

This all sounds good to me !
( and I'm not April fooling here)
So who is arranging it then
Count me in
Ok I'm up for arranging this. Will get it made an event and try and establish numbers so campsite can be sorted as I guess it gets quite hectic in the lakes come summertime!

Sounds good Tim. I need to acquire a guide book. And we'll reach a group consensus but I'm easy where ever really as long as there are things for everyone :).


is this event still going ahead, if its is, im up for it



I am planning on going to Borrowdale next weekend, if anybody fancies it?

I'm keeping my eye on this as i'd like to join in maybe, depending on family etc...



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