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Vertical thoughts/Dave McLeod/Mike Smith

Firstly ,Leo .Your blogs are a pleasure ,particlarly your latest.Which is going to make my next subject a bit ironic in view of

Leo's remarks about learning from being on rock.Has anyone read Dave McLeod's"9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes".I'm thinking of buying but wondering whether it's geared to the high end climber.

Lastly,does anyone have Mike Smith's email address or some method of contact .I was the lat in the chain to borrow his copy of Neil Gresham's…


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Things experience has taught me

Although I feel that I…


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A day out at Burbage North – Sunday 15th April 2012

After a day of dreary weather on…


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Easter @ Tremadog 2012

I'd not been down to Tremadog for over 10 years and I was ready for a return trip.  If you want to get the best out of climbing this venue you need to be climbing at least VS / HVS.  The forecast wasn't looking to good but the decision was take to go down for 2 days and make the most of it.  One bonus would be it might not be quite as busy as usual.  It was funny reading in BMC Summit mag about Eric Jones he'd bought the cafe in 1979 the first time I'd gone down a young age of 17.  My first…


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My First E1 – Cameo E1 5a – 20th May 2010

Whilst I am in the zone with writing some blog posts I thought it would be nice to write about my first experience climbing an E1.


For many of us breaking into the extreme grades is or was a massive step. At the time I had probably been leading for just over a year. Looking back now, knowing what I know now I would say I was barely ready for the climb.


The day was like any other; Ian Westerby, Steve Roahmang and I were enjoying a nice warm day at Wilton. We…


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Developing the head game for climbing

Whilst at a crag in El Chorro I recently heard someone say that climbing is 80% confidence and 20% footwork. To be honest I think this is bang on the money. Without the head game you can technically be a good climber on an indoor wall but if you want to get out there into the mountains the head game is paramount.

Developing a strong head for climbing will rarely come over night. I remember being on routes in the early days as a complete gibbering wreck. Holding on for dear life,… Continue

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MOB trip to Tremadog

Since joining the MOB (Bury Mountaineering Club) I have relished getting out. The added pleasure of climbing with a group, the experiences, the banter and the booze all make for a special weekend away.


The target for last weekend’s get away was the majestic crags of Tremadog. Nestled in the trees a special roadside experience waits. Accessible, generally dry (or quick drying if need be) and fantastic rock brings trad climbers out in droves. For me the sheer quality of the…


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Climbing back in the 70s

I spotted this small picture in the BMC Summit mag that popped through my door the other day. It was in an article about recording breaking climbs on El Cap in Yosemite. It said these guys broke a record back in 1974. I thought the picture was a spoof but no I found it on the web and it is genuine.

 These guys represent the pinnacal of US West Coast climbing in the 1970s and were called the Stone Masters.…


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Man Versus Horsepower

Man verses Horse

Saturday night a post came through via Whatsapp about a Mob MTB ride on following morning buthe forecast was for a winter front to push through turning to rain later did nothing not the most inspiring. Awoke 6.30 and peered out of the window expecting the worst but it wasn't that bad so by 7am l was up and breakfasting but still unsure whether to join the boys. Having Ridden up past Tottington to Holcombe for 9am there was no sign of anyone so a quick check of the phone…


Posted by Derek Kenyon on January 24, 2018 at 17:16 — 1 Comment

6 Men and a Bothy

The day and date Friday 19th January 2018.

Destination Greg's Hut on the side of Cross Fell.

The team Mark Davies, Ian Brewster, Mike Slater, Jon Waring, John (Johan) Brandon and Dave Owen.

Myself, Ian and Dave boarded the Black Stallion and headed North. Jon, Johan ( Only called this because Jon thought it would reduce any confusion in general conversation) and Mike headed for the nearest Mini-market to buy whatever they bought and then headed North.

Snow fell as we…


Posted by Mark Davies on January 23, 2018 at 15:55 — 4 Comments

MOB Dec meeting

This meeting was well attended as it included the annual photo competition ( separate blog to follow on the results).

Matt the treasurer reminded everyone that the subs were due early next year.  £23 which includes BMC membership and insurance.  Latest date to pay is Feb 1st.  Please be proactive with this so Matt is not chasing anyone up.  Pay at meeting or into MOB account.  Let Mat know if you pay this way.

E- Mike is organising the MOB Xmas meal which this year is a…


Posted by John brandon on December 17, 2017 at 12:46

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