Hello all Mobsters

It's not too long now to the Black Sail Weekend. I needed to add a few details to help you.

1) Catering: We are booked in for evening meals on Friday and Saturday and breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday. If you have any particular dietary requirements will you please let me know as soon as you can. So if you are veggie or vegan - they should be able to cater for your needs - but knowledge is power - so please let me know if you have any particular dietary needs.

2) Meal times Evening meals happen about 7pm.  So Friday night you need to give yourself a couple of hours to walk in. Previously I have parked the car at Buttermere Youth Hostel -  with prior agreement - and walked from there. Walking from the Gatesgarth Car Park at the Bottom of the Honister pass is another shorter option - but leaving the car there costs £4 per day and it may not be the safest place to leave a car. It's also possible to walk in from Seatoller but that might be longer still. It's also possible to mountain bike up the valley too.

3) Packed lunches - there is no packed lunch booked and I went with the idea that people would bring their own lunches for Saturday and Sunday. There's a fridge we can use to store stuff over the weekend.  The good people at Black Sail will of course make one for up for you but you will need to pay of course!

4) Alcohol: Things have changed so much from days of the past - so Black Sail has a fully stocked range of alcoholic and no -alcoholic drinks. They don't like it if you bring your own supply in so can I ask members not to bring alcohol in - aside from the weight this involves on your back  this means that of course any drinks we do buy over the weekend contribute to the the overall sustainability of the hostel and I for one think that is a major consideration.

5) Car Sharing It would be great if we can offer lifts to members who might need a friend with a car to get there. Chris Smith has said he would really appreciate a lift from anyone going on the meet. So if anyone is offering a lift let's put it here or hereabouts

That's about it for the moment - if I need to make any further updates I will do.

Andy 07504926007

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Andy,  Thanks for the Black Sale Weekend update.

Just one thing it's me - Chris Wilson (not Smith) looking for a lift please.

Chris 07976769591

Just another update - unfortunately Steve Pilkington has had an accident and damaged his tendons around his ankle following - I would  imagine - some rather keen running. If anyone wants his place - please can you let me and Steve know.

Thanks....Andy 07504 926007

Just thought I'd include a list of all those that are booked for the black sail hut meet. They are in no particular order...

Mike Chambers
Caroline Chambers
Dave Owen
Karen Evans
Ian Brewster
John Brandon
Cath Skinner
Chris Wilson
Andy Ashton
Diane Crowcroft
Gary Walker
Mike Slater
Mike McGraw
Jack Brandon

Jon Waring

There's still a spare place if you want to come. Andy 07504 926007



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