Web page stuff- Malcolm, fancy putting a blog tab up?

My 2p worth.....I thought it might be an idea to put a blog tab up, then we would (providing people add to it.) have an idea what happened on the various events that have come and gone.
PS (I'm prepared to start the ball rolling.)
Also with the advent tomorrow of ning user permissions on "my page" (which will allow individuals to choose who can view it.) Do you not think we ought to move to public viewing of the rest of the site as without it its rather uninformative for newbies who are going to want to know what sort of events we do/ number of members etc.
Permission however would still have to be granted to join and add to the site.

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Hi Stuart

i have put a blog tab up before, but no-one used it. I am very wary of making the pages of the site too public, evryone's email address would be on show for a start.

Have you checked this? As far as I can tell with my Rammydivers site, Emails don't show up as a non member, in fact everything is read only, and even as member it seems that emailing is not possible without having become a "friend". Hence the trouble I had contacting anybody other than yourself via the site last Sunday. If you make a dummy member you can check out what the privalage settings look like from outside.
As for blogs the site still has very low usage amongst members and IMHO has a lot more potential to offer if more people become interested and start to use it. I was myself about to use the blog feature but it had been taken down. If it ain't there it won't happen. Obviously some of the tabs are pretty useless, but I reckon someone else will put something up with a bit of encouragement.
I'll shut up now.......
Thanks for your efforts so far and your advice on setting up the other site.
PS I think I have a nice header picture on "my page" I'm getting in training for next years photography competition.
Cheers Stuart
OK the blog is back! One benefit of keeping the site closed, at least for now, is it is encouraging members to sign up to see what's on it. With the old one you could see without signing up, and many members did exactly that. Take up on this site is a lot higher than with the old one.



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