Sit-starts, injuries, and an unmentionable incident with a chalk bag - all in a short evenings work for a MoB midweek raid into West Yorkshire.

West Nab is the highest point on the West Yorkshire moors. Derek had been given the heads up by Dom and we had the Over the Moors guide to point us towards a huge number of problems, so off we went. Jordan and I navigated while Derek drove so, obviously, we were a bit later than planned, but eventually me, Derek, Jordan and Ivan met Scott and Dave for some evening bouldering.

The location is great - a really remote feeling up on a windswept hillside with some nicely weathered rock. There are a huge number of problems in the easier grades, and a smattering of harder things too. We all ticked off a lot of things but I think we only visited a small part of what is on offer - there is that much to go around. Pick of the bunch for me was "Dead Lizard Crack", which I knew Derek wanted me to climb, because it was a bit highball with a bad landing - thanks mate! We all  knew that Derek was itching to find some good sit-start problems though, so we moved on to the boulders by the trig-point. Again there was some great stuff there. We bouldered as the sun went down over superb views. The only down side was that Scott managed to tear a muscle in his leg quite badly - not from climbing, but just from walking across the moor (clearly the lesson to learn is that walking is a dangerous sport!). Hope you mend soon, Scott!

West Nab is a great location - it's always nice to go somewhere new and different. The problems are not hard, for the most part, but if you are looking for a beautiful place to get some mileage in on easy stuff, it's well worth a trip. Check out the photos if you don't believe me!

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Comment by Scott Dunkley on July 28, 2013 at 9:32


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