Mountaineering Club of Bury – AGM minutes – May 7th 2014

Meeting chaired by Derek Kenyon, minutes Jill Brumby; members present 23

1. Committee nominations.

Thanks were given in recognition of all the work done for the Club to the outgoing Chair (Will Shaw), Treasurer (Graham Stevens) and Secretary (Geoff Proctor) and Tony Hewitson (equipment officer).

Nominated and seconded to the following positions were:

Chair – Jon Waring

Vice Chair – Tony Hewitson

Treasurer – Elliot Skoruph

Secretary – Jill Brumby

Equipment officer – Tony Hewitson (continuing)

BMC representatives – Tim Greenhalgh, Vicky Heyes.


2. Treasurers report

Graham Stevens present the yearly accounts to the meeting.  The club currently holds a healthy float which is seen as sufficient to cover unforeseen costs. 


3. Subs

Subs for the year 2014 stand at £20 and have done so for a number of years.  However, BMC insurance, which is included in the subs, is set to rise later in the year from £11.75 to £ 13.75..  Some of the monies raised by subs is also used to fund the website costs which are also due to increase by around £30 per year.  As sub levels are set based on 50 paying members, it was therefore proposed and agreed that subs be raised to cover this increase by £3 per year to £23 in 2015.  This level could then be reviewed the following year. 


4. YHA

The club also pays for a YHA group discount card allowing discounted stays for groups of 6 or more.  It was decided to continue this for another year and review it again next year.  The existence of the card is to be advertised on the website.


5. Wednesday meetings

Due to the availability of information on the website, attendance at the fortnightly MOB meetings has been low over the past year.  Therefore, it was proposed and agreed to hold meetings instead on a monthly basis, on the first Wednesday of the month.  This would also make it easier for new members to know when a MOB meeting was being held at the White Lion.

6. Events Calendar

An events calendar was proposed with events for the next few months / year penned in to help people plan.  However, whilst this was generally felt to be a good idea, there was nobody forthcoming to organise this and so it was not accepted at this time.  It was proposed and accepted instead that a calendar of events could be produced on a monthly basis with events being organised during the monthly MOB meetings.  It was also agreed that due to climbing events being weather dependent, an indoor and outdoor venue format should be adopted for club meets to guarantee a climb.


7. Events overseers

It was proposed that members with particular areas of interest within the club such as climbing, cycling and walking could oversee their area to ensure that regular events are being organised and placed on the website.  This was left with members at this time.


8. Kit

The club has a variety of kit bought by club funds that is in need of a quality check and if need be retiring / replacing.  The usefulness of this kit for new members was acknowledged to allow them access to activities before they have built up enough kit of their own but it was also felt that it should only be seen as a temporary measure and that members should be aiming to build up their own kit asap to allow others to make use of the kit and prevent excess wear, particularly for the ropes.  DK, TG and TH agreed to review the kit.


9. Deeply Vale

Derek reported on progress at Deeply Vale.  The tops are now clean and terracing of the bays at the bottom is progressing with the first 2 bays now done and the 3rd bay to finish.  This has opened up some of the climbs and improved the traverse around the base of the bays.  A couple of hours in an evening’s by a team to complete the third bay was suggested. Date tbc.


10. Events – for further details see website.

Kalymnos – October - Places are still available.

Lundy – There are 14 places available for the Lundy trip in early September which are to be offered to members first and then non-members if places are still available.  See DK if interested.

10/5/14 – Ousel’s Nest.  Clean up and bouldering event.  Food laid on. (TG)

14/5/14 – Climbing meet. Summit Quarry/Rochdale Wall (JW)

17/5/14 – Lancashire Mountaineering Club – Progression to rock event in Borrowdale.

18/5/14 – Windgather – 50 climbs for Mental Health Week. (VH)

21/5/14 – Climbing meet. Cadshaw Castle Quarry/ Manchester Climbing Centre (?)

28/5/14 - Climbing meet. Deeply Vale/Stockport Wall (DK)

28/29/6/14 – Stanage Fest. – A celebration of 70 years of the BMC

6/7/9/14 – Wilton Fest – details to follow.



Date of next meeting  Wednesday June 4th.  – Hopefully including a film show on rock climbing in Morocco. (DK)



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