I know there are a few members, myself included, who after cutting there teeth leading are looking to get together a climbing rack. Given everything is so expensive a lot of us have been picking up individual pieces as and when we can afford them.  To help us build something which is useful but cost effective, It would be useful if we could get some advice of some of the more experienced club member about building up a suitable rack.
What do you consider as essential  for a beginners rack for:
1) Cragging
2) Multipitch routes
For example what sizes hexs would you purchase? If you were going to buy friends (Cams) what sizes would you purchase for a beginners rack.
Any help much appreciated.

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Sorry mate no idea lol.

I started out with :

1 set of nuts ( wild country) sizes 1-10 ( added another set of DMM 's later when doing longer routes , but you could just add some extras in the mid range sizes)

Aprox 8 quickdraws. ( you can add to this with your partners set for big mountain routes) You can also play arround with these later by changing sling length etc for longer trad routes.

I managed with size 1, 2, 3 cams for a long time ( these you can pool together with whoever you climb with. I later filled in the 1/2 sizes when I asw them cheap.

Couple of screwgates and a couple of slings.

I managed for quite a while without the cams, but as soon as I started climbing on natural grit I went straight out and bought a set!!

You don't really need much more, the less you have, the better you get at spotting placements and making them count!

I'd really advise marking them all up with paint or tape when you do get them, I've just recently replaced about six wires which I've lost over the years and at a £10 each it soon adds up.

P.S Everyone you ask will have their own ideas of what they like to use.

cheers Rick



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